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Access Wikipedia from your Dashboard

Wikipedia has become one of these websites which you just can't do without. Whether it's checking the definition of a word, learning about a historical event or looking up someone's biography, Wikipedia is part of our everyday lives.

And now, thanks to this widget, it'll even be part of your Dashboard. This smart little widget displays Wikipedia pages in any language. Just type in your word in the search bar at the top right, press enter and it'll display the Wikipedia entry in the widget.

You'll even see pictures and links, and clicking on one of them will open up your browser. There's also a '? ' button at the top to open any random page in Wikipedia, in case your just looking to discover something new.

The widget also caches pages so you can go back more quickly to entries you've already viewed.

You can even edit entries in Wikipedia straight from the widget.

Having the Wikipedia widget on your Dashboard proves to be quite useful. You won't have to waste time opening up your browser or an extra tab in it, and you'll be able to read only what you're interested in.

However it those tend to feel a little cluttered, especially since the widget is much smaller than an actual browser page. It can also use up a little bit of memory, because it effectively displays information from the internet.

Whether you're just curious or need to look up things often, this Wikipedia widget will come in extremely handy if you don't want to open your browser to check the online encyclopedia.

The perfect companion to the world’s most complete encyclopedia. View and edit complete Wikipedia articles in any language without leaving your Dashboard.


  • Shows pictures and links
  • Compatible with any language
  • Edit wikipedia articles


  • Can feel cluttered
  • Memory usage


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Wikipedia Widget


Wikipedia Widget 0.9.5 for Mac


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